Access Control Systems

We provide access control systems which allow for a full regulation of entry permissions, both to your property as a whole as well as to specific rooms and areas. We can integrate the access control systems with intruder alarms and CCTV, and this will be a huge boost to security. Access control also means that there is no need for keys, and this thereby eliminating the possibility of someone breaking in as a result of finding lost keys. We have carefully selected reliable access control systems that will ensure that you have peace of mind and control from anywhere. If you are interested in an access control system for your business or home, contact us now. 

Security Services

Every year, millions of homes, offices, and stores are broken into leaving people like you with more than the cost of replacement. Because when your homes and businesses are broken into, it shakes your confidence in your safety and leaves you feeling vulnerable. Take back confidence in your safety with the security systems installed by our team. These systems will alert the authorities in case of emergency and will help reduce the losses you take. Call today to learn more. 

Video Surveillance Systems

Surveillance systems do a lot in keeping your homes and businesses safe and secure. When a crime happens on your property or in the case of a liability fraud claim, you want to have all the facts you can to defend yourself. That’s why home and business owners like you come to us for their security camera needs. We have a variety of models that can be installed at key points in and around your location so that the truth is always known, no matter what. To learn more, please call us today. 

Television Installation

Your production is nearly complete, but what will you use to rile the attendees and instruct them on their next move? Temporary or permanent television installation is a quick and affordable solution. Although it seems that installation should be easy and self explanatory, consumers most often find themselves in need of professional assistance. Let us help you find the optimal location for your television and ensure it’s properly installed. Whether it be multiple locations for ideal line of sight for all patrons to enjoy the big game, conveying educational information in a waiting area, or watching your favorite shows in the comfort of your home, we have you covered. In addition, we can integrate all of your components for maximum enjoyment. 

Design, Setup & Installation

If no one size fits all, then why should one design work for every property or situation? We know that different properties require different solutions and are proud to offer design, setup, and installation services that will exceed your expectations. That means that when you leave your project in our hands we'll help you design a customized setup that best meets your needs and daily schedule as well as making it far easier for you in the long term. Don't let competitors tell you that one setup fits every situation and call us for the best design for your needs. 

Whole House Audio

The soothing sounds of smooth jazz as sip your pinot in a bubble bath after a long day at the office or 80’s rock anthems in your backyard for your 4th of July barbecue can be yours with a whole house audio system. You will have complete control through your phone or innovative voice control devices. With streaming music services, you will be able to control exactly what you listen to and when. Call today and ask about our whole house audio servicing to learn more. 

Home Theater Systems

Do you want to experience crisp and clear movie theater level quality from the comfort of your own home? Whether you want to watch movies with the family, sports with your friends, or binge watch your favorite series in style, we can give you the home theater that you desire. Today is the day you should call our company to discuss the design of your home theater system installation. 

Interactive Conferencing

Staying on top of the newest technology in multi-location conferencing will keep you ahead of the game. For many businesses, interactive conferencing is a cost effective and time efficient way to do business with millions of dollars being earned daily. We offer in-depth consultations to find the solutions that fits your specific needs. Our team will have you connected in record time and will provide you with all the training and material you need to make the best use of your new system. To get started, give us a call today.

Evidence & Liability

Whether you are protecting your home or business, the best way to assist in a conviction is to provide proof of crime or misconduct to the police is with high-quality security camera and surveillance footage. Our company specializes in these systems providing the optimal protection of your property as well as an easy to manage way to handle your footage. With our help, many businesses have felt more secured and many police precincts have managed to catch more criminals in the act thanks to the clear footage our systems offer. So if you want to protect yourself, call us today. 

Residential & Commercial Services

For many companies, there can be a definite line drawn between residential & commercial projects, with some companies going so far as refusing to help if you don't match their exact specialties. But our company believes that whether you run a business or own a home, you deserve the same level of service. That's why our company is proud to offer servicing for both residential and commercial properties. We can help you design, install, and maintain systems and services for your homes, businesses, offices, and properties. Call today to learn more.

Electronics Repair

Do you have important or valuable electronics that aren't quite working the way they should? Regardless of whether you purchased your equipment through us or on your own, we have the knowledge and experience to tackle the issue. Now is the time to call our electronic servicing division. We offer repairs that will get your electronics back up and running in optimal shape. 

Structured Wiring

You recently decided on new building construction or remodel for your homes or businesses. No small sum of money has been invested in this decision, so why not bring it to completion with an integrated structured wiring design? Let us work with you to create a plan to handle all of your home or office functions. You may be searching for a team that can offer fast and reliable installation. Why settle for anyone but the best? Call us today. 

Emergency Repairs

When severe weather or accidents cause your security systems or electronics to be damaged, you may need immediate repairs to restore your sense of security and safety. Unlike many firms that will ask you to wait for normal business hours, our company is proud to offer emergency repairs when you need them, how you need them. Regardless of how you purchased your electronics or systems, you can trust that our team will provide you with the support you need. If you require emergency repairs, you should call our team first.