About Us

Responsive & Professional 

As a family business with over 26 years of experience, we abide by the Golden Rule. Our company sets the standard, making certain our work matches your needs and idea of professionalism. There is a lot more to design than one might realize. We work to ensure all of your needs are met regardless of the project, renovation, or job. Our technicians are highly skilled and knowledgeable, providing you with the assurance that our work is every bit as solid as our word. 

The goal is to provide clients with the utmost in design services, repairs, and installations. At JM Pro Technology & Security, we go the extra mile on every project. The value we provide clients comes from our level of skill and performance, as well as our knowledge and professionalism. Rest assured, we put the same level of energy into every project we take on. 

Project Management

You can rely on our experienced project managers to keep track of the progress of your job and ensure you remain on schedule. Your assigned project manager will be available to you to answer all of your questions and assess any situations that may need attended to. You will feel at ease with the availability of information provided to you. 

Contact our office in Cincinnati at (513) 356-6506 for more information about our exceptional contracting services.